Ta'el Velrosh

See ya later Space Cowboy


Skin: Red
Hair: Folded back red Tentacles
Eyes:Green cats eye


1,000 years ago Ta’el Velrosh was a galactic legend among the stars as the most dastardly space pirate but one day she was chased down by thousands of pirate hunters who wanted the bounty on her head and her treasure she flew too close to a black hole and was said to never be seen again but in the year 30XX she appeared out of nowhere in her now severely damaged mech she found her way to third asteroid moon of a an unknown planet or so her navigation told her she needed to find a docking station soon her life support was low she only had about 30 mins to find a ship to dock to she flagged down a ship she boarded the ship and told her story about a giant space battle he laughed at her and told her to get off the ship so she hijacked the Ship and killed its pilot so she set sail to travel the stars once more to regain her infamy

Ta'el Velrosh

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